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About Gardeness 

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Gardeness is an Accredited Organic Land Care company. Our mission is to restore landscape ecosystem services by improving soil health and gardening with native plants. Our restorative landscape philosophy comes from lineal and indigenous knowledge, bolstered by regenerative agriculture and permaculture techniques that are backed by research.


Rest assured, our Garden Caregivers will nurture and tend to your property gently and quietly. We apply lessons from nature to mimic ecological systems to regenerate the land. Nature is a vacuum, we set the stage and she will do the rest. The intelligence of nature is honored by Gardeness Caregivers.



Your trusted partner in garden!


Sustainability and carbon neutral gardening are part of our core values. We NEVER use chemically synthesized fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides. We up-cycle plant and garden materials within our network of gardeners and partner organizations with Gardeness Consignment. Our crew of women are equipped with hand tools and 90% electric tools for bigger tasks. We recycle compostable yard waste with our partners. We always use organic or natural, locally sourced materials for additional inputs when needed (soil lab test required for organic fertilizing).  

Although this garden company falls under the umbrella of the landscaping industry, our philosophy is radical- rooted in holistic land care. Our holistic prognosis is the most healthful option for our planet to ensure its viability to future generations, while supporting our precious bees, birds and butterflies' immediate needs. Our Carbon Garden Project will allow us to monitor carbon sequestration rates as we restore the soil biome. Soil Carbon Project with a subscription. Access all Gardeness Services with Earth DocTerre Products - regenerative soil products made in house. 

Polyphemus moth (Antheraea polyphemus) on Chelone glabra, native Turtlehead plant by Emere Nieves, CEO

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Gardeness's mission is to reconnect your property to our local ecosystem, using organic methods and native plants. We transform existing landscapes by restoring the biology of your soils, removing invasive species and incorporating appropriate, indigenous plants into your property.  

Established in 2018, we have always used organic methods based on the Rodale Organic Institute and Cornell University's guidelines. In 2020 we took it one step further, and became an Accredited Organic Land Care Professional company. Our first promise is to do no harm to our Earth and leave the land better than how we found it. Closing the loop on your property's inputs and waste is also part of our mission and in 2022 we will begin a vermi-compost facility. Sustainability is the name of our game.

We love continuing education to enrich our talents. We also offer education to the public and to landscaping company's on best practices and NOFA's AOLCP training to newly accredited companies for staff development. Contact Gardeness today!

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