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what we do

Gardeness offers a wide range of Garden Care Services and more. 

Garden Care Services: $40/hour/person

  • Deep Weeding,  Precision Pruning,  Mulching,  Planting, Transplanting,  Weed Remediation,  Soil Inoculation Treatment, Thinning,  Edging,  Annual Planting,  Garden Alterations,  Open & Close Garden for Season,  Sow Organic Lawn.

  • Save more than 10% on garden care labor with our subscription packages

Holistic Land Care: Prices Vary 

  • Ecological Design and Installation,  Soil Health Assessment ($/sample),  Plant Health Care,  Soil Microscopy ($/sample),  Compost Tea & Extract ($/gal), Organic Foliar Feeding ($/gal),  Garden Coaching,  Garden Consulting,  Organic Integrated Pest Management,  Soil Restoration Consulting,  Environmental Consulting,  Invasive Species Management,  Event Preparations

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Purchase a monthly Subscription Package to access nearly all of our Garden Care Services. Each level of care increases by 3-4 service hours, and we will recommend which package is best for your property based off your free consultation.


vegetable gardening

Growing your own organic food can be both be fun and healthy. We know growing food in an urban setting can be challenging at times, let us assist you in creating and maintaining an all around healthy environment for you and your food.

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seasonal projects

Not sure where to start in an over-run garden or need help with a daunting garden project? We can be your gardening partner. Have a task that is too much to do on your own? We can get it done!

Black Soil

soil restoration

Soil restoration compliments our weeding services and happens in a few steps. First, we assess your soil's biology under the microscope. Second we use bio-stimulants to shift your soil's micro-herd to a mutualistic community that's appropriate to the ecological hierarchy of your planted landscape. Third, we re-assess your soil's biology to make sure the services performed are achieving the desired outcome. Learn More

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organic lawn sowing

Is your lawn no longer looking healthy? Through soil restoration and other organic maintenance practices, we will have your lawn back to healthy. Set up a free consultation with us today!

*this does not include maintenance


garden maintenance

We can provide a quick garden tune up or establish a maintenance schedule to keep your garden beautiful all season long. This gives you access to all of our Garden Care Services. Doing good for our environment and your wallet.

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event preparation

Need your garden to be a beautiful backdrop for a backyard wedding or party? We will be there to make sure it looks fabulous. This may include adding new plants, garden clean-up, weeding, mulching, pruning, designing planters or just a thorough weeding.

Garden Soil

soil biology assessment

There is nothing more important in your garden than a healthy soil biome. By assessing first, we determine what steps are needed to adjust the soil biome community. The soil biome controls nutrient cycling and is critical to plant health. Assessments are an essential first step to revive sick plants in our plant health care protocol. 

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Schedule a consultation to have your garden evaluated. Based on our discussion and site evaluation, we will recommend which services are best for your situation and set you on the path to achieve your garden goals.  Consultations are always free.

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