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Our Goal is to bring Regenerative, Organic Gardening to the Masses.

We are proud to present the genesis of our Philosophy & Values in business. Below is a outline of the services and products we combine approach to restore your land using Native Plants & Restoring Native Soils, Organically!

Our Services

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About Gardeness Services


Gardeness Services is the labor(of love) our trained Garden Caregivers perform on your property. We partner with you to achieve your garden goals. Every garden is unique, with its own set of challenges and opportunities. We assess your landscape during the initial consult and create a custom care plan for your yard, which changes adjust for future needs. We perform a suite of services at one low, hourly rate. Any specific requests made by our clients are heard and followed through. We specialize in using native plants and restoring life in native soils. *Note we do not fertilize without soil sample showing deficiencies.

Gardeness Services (GS): including Weeding,  Precision Pruning,  Mulching,  Planting, Transplanting,  Weed Remediation,  Soil Inoculation Treatment, Thinning,  Edging, Planting (Annuals-Perennials-Shrubs-Trees),  Garden Alterations,  Open & Close Garden for Season,  Organic Lawn Install or Repair, Event Preparations

Residential Labor : $45/hour/gardener   |  Commercial Labor : $65/hour/gardener 

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Earth DocTerre Subscription Packages (GS + EDP)

Earth DocTerre Products (EDP) are made by Gardeness Inc and used with the services we provide, to culture soil health. When the  web of reciprocity is compromised, we must take a holistic approach to restore landscapes. Plant health is directly linked to the life in the soil. At Gardeness, we create a customized product line to breathe life back into your soils and achieve your garden needs. 

Our Ichor Inocula are living microbes that are soluble. Regenerative protocols help increase beneficial microbes to promote plant health. VermIchor is the combination of vermicast and our Ichor Inocula blends. Soil amendments of compost and natural mulch make up the products provided by third party vendors. These combined practices, improved plant health occurs in conjunction with the increase of soil biodiversity. Biomimicry which creates healthy and climate wise landscapes. 


Earth DocTerre Services: Ecological Design and Installation($/hr),  Soil Health Assessment ($/sample & test type),  Plant Health Care Program,  Soil Microscopy ($/sample),  Compost Tea & Extract ($/gal), Biological Foliar Feeding ($/gal),  Garden Coaching,  Garden Consulting,  Organic Integrated Pest Management,  Soil Bio-Restoration, Consulting, Invasive Species Management

Nomenclature derived from various mythologies.

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 Our garden caregivers will utilize these products during our land health protocols with Gardeness Services. Below are locally outsourced products from our third parties

  • Natural Mulches: PA Black Gold, Pine Bark & Double Ground Hardwood Mulch (ZERO dyes or chemicals)

  • Composts: Mushroom compost, Leaf Compost, Unscreened Worm Castings

  • Plants: Native, some ornamental. Herbaceous perennials, semi to woody

  • Hardscape Materials

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