Our Team


Emere Nieves

Founder, CEO & Lead Gardener

My name is Emere Nieves, and I love to garden and teach. Gardeness Inc is a culmination of my education and desire to restore landscapes from the soil up. I speak for the trees and garden for the bees. My grandmother and mother were my first teachers and they are eco-stewards. Gardeness is here to service landscapes in a way that's healthful to our planet. Our organic and regenerative approach heals the soils so flora and fauna can flourish.

A working mother of 3, I have been able to turn this gardening company into a full time gig thanks to our incredible clientele. My prior professional gardening experience includes training community gardeners at Grassroots Gardens of WNY. Before that, I managed the Delaware Park's Rose Garden and Japanese Garden; RiverRock Garden and others in the Buffalo Olmsted Park System. I completed CCE's Master Gardener training in 2014 and am certified in Organic Gardening through Cornell. In 2020, the company and its employees became Accredited in Organic Land Care Professional(s) (AOLCP) through CT NOFA. In 2015, I earned my degree in Physical Geography and Environmental Science at SUNY Buffalo State College to further my understanding of our Earth and its complex, interconnected systems.


Its an honor to hold space in your creations and nurture our Earth with garden care. I believe soil health is the key to curbing climate change and essential for all ecosystems.


Sam Gardner

Lead Gardener & Assistant Manager

Hey ya'll! My name is Samantha Gardner and I've been working in the field with Gardeness since summer 2021.The beautiful Chautauqua County is my native land and I grew up as the farmer's only granddaughter. I completed my BS in Urban Planning from Buffalo State and am currently working on my MPH at University at Buffalo. Thanks to Gardeness, I am now an Accreited Organic Land Care Professional through CT NOFA. My time at Gardeness has inspired me to become a hobbyist rosarian, greenspace enthusiast, and a lover of bees.


I have years of experience in private and public sectors of landscaping, and thankful to have found a work environment that fits my philosophies. Native organic gardens are my passion because the benefits of these mini eco-systems are a demand in our declining quality of environment needs. Native organic gardens start with soil health restoration because soils are the base of each foundation in a garden. Plant root system and soil health have a correlation, plant growth is encouraged by healthy soils. Let's give our garden beds a safe space for growth and a sanctuary for our native pollinators. 


Emere and I met years ago and found myself in awe of her dreams for Gardeness. I will never be able to express enough how proud I am of Emere and how fortunate I am to find myself where I am today. I am looking forward to blossoming with Gardeness and sharing the fruits with our community.